I have the pleasure to present to you my offer:
  • microdermabrasion
  • mesotherapy
  • lymphatic drainage
  • complete and partial body hair removal
  • other servcies
  • improvement of skin tone and elasticity therapy
  • wrinkle reduction and facial contour modeling
  • facelift
  • reduction of swelling and eye bags
  • improvement of blood circulation and cell nutrition
  • stimulation of fibroblasts (biosynthesis of collagen and elastin effect)
  • seborrhea
  • post acne changes
  • hyperkeratosis
  • elimination of color imperfections and uneveness
  • furrows, mimic lines
  • skin hypoxia symptoms
  • cellulite reduction
  • improvement of skin firmness and tension
  • decreasing fat tissue
  • body slimming and shaping
  • strech marks correctness
  • improvement of circulation
  • complete and partial body hair removal
  • henna
  • eye beauty treatments
  • mini-manicure
  • face massage
  • segmental body massage

Treatments at the salon are carried out with the use of REACTION – Viora company’s superior aesthetic medicine equipment designated for advanced facial, neck and body treatments. For non-invasive mesotherapy, being the most effective alternative for needle treatments, professional INFUSION equipment with IONWAVE technology is being used. It guarantees an effective fight against signs of skin ageing. Diamond microdermabrasion and abrasion is performed with the most advanced PRSTINE technology. Viora company’s equipment is certified and approved.

AGATA’s PLACE offers a wide range of safe and effective facial and body treatments as well as harmonious realization of individual expectations of a customer. Skills and best quality medical equipment allow for achieving desired effects.

I hope to have the pleasure to see you soon at AGATA’s PLACE.
Mgr Agata Smus

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