Procedures with the application of ReactionTM use radio waves, which have been used in medicine for over 30 years. These waves increase the temperature of the dermis and the epidermis by using waves of various frequencies. As a result of this process, the collagen and protein products that are mainly responsible for the skin’s elasticity are stimulated. Thanks to this, skin quality is improved. In addition, the influence of the heat produced in this process has a positive effect on fat tissue, which is reduced. Although the first effects are visible just after the first procedure, a series of procedures is recommended for the purpose of obtaining the optimum effect. The procedure is non-invasive.

Skin tension and wrinkle smoothing

The appropriate selection of frequencies, energy values, and integrated cooling makes it possible to achieve the safest and most effective results after every procedure. The sensitive, thin, and delicate area around the eyes and forehead are subjected to a procedure that uses high frequency waves (for a lesser depth of penetration of active energy) with the least possible discomfort for the patient, during which a module with a lower frequency or multi-channel module (for a greater depth of penetration of active energy) is used in areas where the skin is thicker, such as the cheeks, stomach, and back. Thanks to the ReactionTM procedure, tissue fibers are contracted immediately and the skin is tightened and smoothed directly. At the same time, ReactionTM supports the natural thermally induced building of collagen, as a result of which extensive wrinkle reduction is achieved.

Fat tissue/waistline reduction and improvement of skin structure

New collagen fibers are produced as an effect of heating the subcutaneous tissue. The dermis is strengthened and becomes resistant to fat penetration. Purposeful lipolysis stimulation leads to a reduction of the volume of fat tissue in places subjected to the procedure. At the same time, blood circulation is stimulated in the entire area subjected to the procedure. In order to intensify the treatment, in a multi-channel module, three frequencies of various effectiveness are used simultaneously in combination with vacuum conditions. In this way, the radio frequency can penetrate into the tissue more deeply and enables uniform distribution of the thermal reaction.



Wrinkle reduction and skin tension

The new method of mesotherapy was developed as a needleless alternative to conventional techniques of injection in needle mesotherapy and the possible risks related to it, e.g. swelling or infection. In the needleless method, an electric field is used to create micro-channels in the skin, which form as a result of short restructuring of cellular membranes and close again. Active substances can pass through these open channels into the tissue and act deep in the skin. Collagen is regenerated during the procedure, wrinkles are reduced, and the skin is smoothened.

Skin contaminants and acne disappear, and skin pores are less visible.

Thanks to the optimal penetration of the applied active substances into the skin tand tissue, the first effects are visible after the first procedure. Four to five procedures with two-week intervals are necessary to achieve the desired effect of therapy. Microdermoabrasion or diamond peeling is the optimum preparation for needleless mesotherapy. Its effect is the removal of skin contaminants and keratosis and to stimulate cell regeneration for greater production of collagen and elastin.

This new form of mesotherapy is recommended to anyone who is afraid of needles and injections, and, at the same time, wants to achieve visible results without surgery.



Microdermoabrasion for beautiful skin

The exterior layer of our skin, the epidermis, is constantly producing cells. Newly produced cells in young skin come up to the surface of the skin within 28 days. Some cells that reach the top separate themselves from the skin, but many cells remain. These cells are partly responsible for contaminants, a matte complexion, blackheads, etc. The skin is covered with them like with “shingles”. Because of this, active substances cannot effectively penetrate deep into the skin and its structure becomes thicker.

Microdermoabrasion is a highly effective method of removal of these “shingles”. It makes it possible to free skin from keratosis, pigments, and small wrinkles or folds.

Diamond microdermoabrasion is a mild alternative of skin regeneration and is appropriate for all types of skin. Hygienic procedure diamond heads that are selected appropriately to skin type, are run over the skin, depending on its appearance. In comparison to classic peeling, this device enables desirable and controlled peeling off of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, pigment stains, and small wrinkles. There is a reason for the microdermoabrasion procedure being one of the favorite procedures of Hollywood stars. Pristine Diamond Microdermoabrasion fulfills the highest quality requirements and ensures safe and effective procedures for every client.

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